One-on-One Lettering Mentorship

An 8-week online mentoring program for lettering artists!

Are you a lettering artist finding his/her own place in the lettering industry? Perhaps you have a full time job and are doing lettering on the side?

Do you get confused about what lettering styles to use, and how you can combine them to produce outstanding layouts? Do you often question if you are building a portfolio that will generate client work in the future and guide your career in the right direction?

You are definitely not alone! My name is Mye De Leon, and I'm a freelance lettering artist & author who used to be exactly where you are.

The first time I picked up a pencil to letter my first alphabet, it was just meant to a fun escape from the depressing mood I was in back then. Sharing it with the world brought me tremendous joy and fulfillment because people started appreciating my work. Six months later, I landed my first paid lettering project and I created my first coloring book called "The Little Alphabet Book of Hand-Lettered Type"

This work opened up so many opportunities for me. Next, I started teaching workshops. From those workshops, I discovered my love for teaching. The experiences and interactions with each and every one of my students has helped to shape my lettering career. It was then that I realized I wanted to not only letter but teach others how to letter because so many people were interested in learning to do what I do.

I am notorious for oversharing. I love to share everything that I know and everything that I learned with everybody that I meet. Then last year, I was given an incredible opportunity to publish my own book, Mastering Hand-Lettering. It was a 5-figure book deal plus royalties!

With the creation of this book, I developed so many different lettering styles and techniques. I never imagined I could learn so many styles in such a short period of time, but working on this book helped me improve my lettering and grow so much as an artist.

The lettering work that I do gives me the opportunity to support my husband and help give financial security to our family.

If you are one of the many people who have asked: How do you do what you do? How do you create letters that look like they were printed from the computer? How do you make my layouts so structured and appealing? I'm excited to announce that I've created a special program to help you take your lettering skills to the next level!

One-on-One Lettering Mentorship is finally HERE and open for enrollment!

This 8-week program will focus on your individual growth and skill level to help you grow as a lettering artist and start attracting more clients!

This course is not open for enrollment.

This course was created to help you hone your skills, find your unique style and develop your own techniques so you can grow as an artist and build a better portfolio.

What we will cover in this program:

  • Developing a strategy to help you find your unique style
  • Studying and critiquing your own work to develop a habit of making conscious decisions in your lettering work
  • Using inspiration to create better versions of your lettering pieces
  • Understanding letter structures and how to play around with them
  • Understanding composition in order to create a great layout.

What you will receive with your enrollment:

  • Four (4) 1-hr mentorship sessions with me via Skype.
  • Carefully structured weekly assignments to help develop your skills and personal style.
  • Personalized weekly review and feedback of your work
  • Live weekly reviews of selected projects on Facebook
  • Access to the Facebook community.

If you are someone who wants to:

  • Develop your unique style
  • Build a strong portfolio
  • Attract more clients
  • Create work that grows your online presence

This course is perfect for you!

My mentorship with Mye has helped me to make more conscious decisions when hand lettering. Looking back, I’ve always hand-lettered based on gut-feel, but these sessions taught me that there are a lot of details I can consider when coming up with a lettering piece, and this can help to take my work to the next level. It was extremely helpful to have Mye critique my work in person and point out where I could improve. That taught me what to look out for when reviewing my lettering layouts, and that’s certainly something that I will be using going forward!

The flexibility of this one-on-one mentorship also allowed me to tackle particular styles I was not familiar with - serif, in particular. I avoided using serifs in my lettering because they always felt awkward to me. Upon my request, Mye patiently gave me the 101 on serifs and guided me to explore different serif styles at every step of the way, and this made it much easier to understand and use them in my work.

My favourite part of the mentorship sessions was being able to listen to Mye share about her experiences in the industry, and the tips & tricks that she uses in her own work. I am extremely grateful for her open sharing and her willingness to answer all of my questions, and I am thankful for the opportunity to have a mentor like Mye.

- Eunice Chiong | @eunicedenise

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the program structure?
The program is structured to run every week for 8 weeks starting on May 28, 2018 and ending July 22nd. A new lesson will be sent out every Monday morning Singapore time (evening in the US) along with the weekly assignments. Review and feedback will be done via Dropbox where you will upload your work and you will also receive a video of all your work's reviews.
Is the mentorship online?
Yes, it is! You can take the program from the comfort of your home and anywhere in the world!
How are you going to provide feedback? Is it group or individually?
Feedback is done individually, Although at times, I might select a work that I believe will be beneficial to all participants and will do a live Facebook video of the review. Of course, you will be asked for permission before I do so and if you choose to keep it private, it's absolutely fine.
Is this program open to those new to lettering?
Yes, it is. We welcome letterers from all skill levels. However, because my specialization is hand-lettering, I will not be able to cover calligraphy and brush lettering related matters.
Can I enroll after the program has started?
This program will only be open for enrollment until May 25, 2018. It will not be open for enrollment again until end of the year.
What tools/materials do I need to prepare?
In this program, we will focus on improving your lettering skills so be sure to get your tools ready - pencils, erasers, fineliners, ruler, papers! Upon enrollment, you will also receive additional information on what other items you will need to make the most out of the program.
Do you offer installment payments for this course?
Unfortunately, because we are running a pilot program at an introductory rate, we are unable to offer installment payments yet.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I enroll and after some time during the program, I decided it's not right for me, do you offer refunds?
Absolutely! If after the first 30 days you realized the program is not for you, do send us proof of completed assignments and we'll issue a refund.

Because we are running a pilot program, this course is currently being offered at an introductory rate! After this round, the price will increase permanently to $549!

If you've ever wanted to learn from me, this is the perfect time to enroll!

This course is not open for enrollment.